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Explore Downtown Jeffersonville with Your Family!

In 2021, Jeffersonville got a new resident! Jeffrey, a small fish working his way from the Ohio River through Downtown Jeffersonville will take you and your family on a 1-mile Sculputural Scavenger Hunt down Spring Street and into the NoCo Arts and Cultural District. Using the clues provided, find all 10 Jeffrey sculptures and read his story 1 sculpture at a time on the plaques that will be next to the sculptures! 

This sculptural series was designed and fabricated by local sculptor Amanda Hoback. The accompanying story for the plaques of the series was written by Ava Gleitz. The family activity is sponsored by the Jeffersonville Public Art Commission and the City of Jeffersonville.

Can't find Jeffrey?  See the bottom of this page for google maps locations!

  1. Jeffrey Arrives on Land!

Jeffrey loves to swim, 

That much is true, 

Up from his swim, he is seeking a view. 

Find him near Riverstage sounds 

Never Overlooking where the water is Found 

2. Jeffrey can Dance! 

Walking Up Spring 

Jeffrey dances in the sky

Brave as can be, he looks for the signs 

Trying to plan the next adventure ahead 

Look for the Lightpost and you won’t be misled 

3. Jeffrey can Fly!

Jeffrey likes flying and playing around 

Pausing for seconds he hears a sound

Of people playing Cricut and a train’s loud horn 

On the long wall, Jeffrey was set down.

4. Jeffrey Rides a Bicycle! 

Hot as can be, Jeffrey needs to cool down 

Walking down Spring. He finds the coolest spot in town

Surrounded by trees and brick walls too 

Jeffrey finds a tree and bike, something brand new!

5. Jeffrey Goes to the Moon!

Headed towards Maple 

Jeffrey marvels around 

Arc, Chocolate, All can be found! 

Stopping near benches, low to the ground 

Jeffrey’s newest adventure soon will be found 

6. Jeffrey Rides a Skateboard!

Passing past Maple and Headed to Court

Jeffrey finds a new game, a fantabulous new sport!

Skating, sliding, and riding around. 

Jefferey’s again low to the ground.


7. Jeffrey Rides a Steamboat!

Crossing cross Court, care must abound! 

But Jeffrey sees a park he must wander around!

History and Glory, all do surround.

But Jeffrey likes General Fayette, he does astound.

8. Jeffrey Relaxes with a Friend! 

Heusers and Hoosiers and all the fun things

Jeffrey wanders all the way across Spring.

Catching his eye is a sculpture with wings 

Sitting to chat, what will the day bring?

9. Jeffrey Plays the Guitar!

Onto 7th, color, and cue

Picasso Point emerges from the blue

Jeffrey hears music, Jeffrey wants a view

Picasso faces with green feet too

Taking up a seat on the green shoes, Jeffrey plays his music for you. 

10. Jeffrey Wears a Costume!

Surrounded by flowers and perched on a pipe

Jeffrey knew this journey was right. 

Seeing his friends Jeffrey does reunite 

The Watertank does always delight

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Thank You to the Sponsors of Jeffrey!

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Can't Find. Jeffrey? Check out this   Google Map!


Inspired By Jeffrey? 

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