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Gallery Spaces/ Shows

The Jeffersonville Public Art Program oversees two spaces for rotating gallery shows. The NoCo Digital Gallery and the City Hall Foyer Gallery. Click on the buttons below to explore the spaces, apply to have your work juried for display, or ask a question!  

The Spaces

Things to Know

Please Note:

1. These are for temporary run gallery-style shows of artwork. (No ads etc will be considered) 

2. For any THEME shows artwork that fits that THEME will be selected for the show. This could be a group or individual show. 

3. For any THEME shows individual pieces can be submitted for inclusion for a group show CURATED by Jeffersonville Art.

4. Jeffersonville Art will not mediate or facilitate sales. Any sale must be handled by the artist or their representative through a point of sale. Information can be provided to the viewer at the exhibit about the artist's preferred method.  

5. Jeffersonville Art will NOT take a percentage of the sale of artwork during the 2022 season. 

6. While pieces that are for sale are welcome, a piece does not have to be for sale to be submitted for display. 

7. It is free to submit pieces and propose exhibitions.



Click a button below to apply for your work to be shown in a Jeffersonville Art Space! 

The Spaces


Does Jeffersonville Public Art take a percentage of sales from the gallery? 

Jeffersonville Art will NOT be taking a percentage on ANY sale in either one of these spaces. BUT ALL SALES must be conducted by the artist (no representative of Jeffersonville Art will not mediate or facilitate sales). ALL artwork must remain through the duration of the show period. Work does NOT have to be for sale in order to be displayed.

Who should I contact with questions or concerns? 

Heather Rapp, the Public Art Administrator will serve as the point of contact for both spaces. 502-558-5500,


Can I submit my work for more than one show/more than one space? 

YES! We would love to consider your work for more than one show.


If my work is not accepted for one show, and I don't submit it for another will it be considered? 

While we do consider past submissions occasionally, submissions for that show will take priority. 


Will Jeffersonville Public Art mediate/facilitate selling my work? 

No! All sales from both gallery spaces must be mediated by the artist themself. Strategies such as business cards, qr codes, website addresses are all acceptable methods. All work must remain in place until the end of the run. 


Can Submit a proposal for a show I would like to fabricate? 

We only accept work for display that is already created and therefore can be juried more consistently. For a theme show, a 1-month notification is given to the artist that their work has been chosen for inclusion, for proposed exhibition artists are given 2 months notification of their selection. 


Who is eligible to apply for display? 

Artists of all kinds that meet the criteria for the show to which they have applied. Emerging, mid, and late careers artists are welcome.  Artists under the age of 18, must have a parent/gaurdian sign and agree to the display.


For the theme shows, I only have 1 piece that fits the theme, can I submit it for consideration for a group show? 

YES!! For the theme shows we are happy to curate a group of artists to display along that theme.  

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