NoCo Artists in Residence

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Studio 1

Jesse Fox is a creative director and photographer currently based outside of Louisville, KY. Having spent most of her life in performing arts, a narrative and emotional element is an important element of her photos. She likes to explore the feelings, secrets, fears and fantasies a person has throughout his or her life. Since real life can't be as theatrical and colorful as musicals, she likes to create a heightened, fictional version of how the emotions of life events and scenarios might look if feelings could be seen visually. Fox is best known for her bold, colorful conceptual portraits and concert photography. To hire her for a project or grab some coffee and make lofty creative world domination plans you can call/text 606-215-1575 or email

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Studio 2

Sarah Young is an emerging artist with a focus on literary art. Her passions for the Arts and community have led her to be personally invested in Jeffersonville’s various public art engagements throughout recent years, and it was through that involvement that she chose to pursue her own identity as a writer and artist. In her studio, she finds solace from her active lifestyle as a Mother and caregiver, but she also draws much of her inspiration from the adventures (and misadventures) she encounters in those roles. She is currently a board member of the 2021 Jeffersonville Public Arts Commission, and you can read her work and learn more about her on her blog called The Blitzy Fuss (



Studio 3

Tammy M. Burke is an interdisciplinary artist working in 3d and 2d. Since May of 2020, she has been working intensely in sewing construction. She teaches fundamental 3d design at Indiana University Southeast where she has also taught painting. She has also taught intro to 2d design and drawing at UofL. She holds an MFA in Studio Art and Design from the Hite Art Institute. Find her work at (  


Burke is also behind the Etsy shop Delightful Goods, llc ( where one can buy an assortment of goods handmade right in her studio. She also offers guitar and sewing lessons at the NoCo Arts Center. Contact her for details. 


Follow her on instagram at @tammymburke ( and @delightfulgoodsllc (

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Studio 4

Jess Harris Stiller is the owner of craft jewelry business Lorelai and Lottie, founded in 2021 out of her home and now operating out of Studio 4 here at NAC. Jess is a graduate of Campbellsville University where she double majored in Theatre and English. She is also a member of the spring 2022 cohort for Maker13 and Impact100’s Make Your Move program, a guided business training program for local women entrepreneurs. Jess has spent most of her life highly involved with creative pursuits, largely in the performing arts, but also in visual art forms such as jewelry making, scrapbooking, textiles, and woodworking. When not making earrings or experimenting with new products, she and her husband are chasing their two toddlers, Lorelai and Lottie, for which her business is named.

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Studio 5

Lisa has been a “flameworked” glass bead artist since 2002.  Her bright whimsical style is reflected in her finished body of work and signature “gobstopper” and “kissy fish” beads.  Customers are invited to come and watch her create glass beads and purchase her work at Studio 5 in the NoCo Arts Center.  Also, check out her business page on Facebook at “Lisa Marie Studios” for her monthly “themed” bead collection sale and local art shows she may be exhibiting her work in.



Studio 6

My name is Greg Rush, and my I am one of the artists at the NoCo Art Center.  The name of my studio is River Ghost Art.Art has been a part of my life since I was a child.  It started with me creating and drawing my own comic book characters in elementary school.  My horizons expanded with art classes in school where I worked with a variety of mediums.  Life put a hiatus on my art when after college I worked in counseling eventually earning my LCSW.  When my father retired, he started his new hobby as a woodworker, and working with him brought me back into art.  I started do art professionally part-time while living in Oregon.  Now doing woodworking and combining the skills I learned from my father with my own personal twists and vision.  After moving to Jeffersonville nine years ago, I decided to retire from counseling and pursue art full-time.

The purpose of River Ghost Art is to highlight and accentuate the natural appearance and shape of wood and allow the beauty and artistry of the wood express itself.  Live-edged slab wood, driftwood, and re-purposed furniture – all sourced from local rivers and wood cutters – are worked to create artistic sculptures, wall art, furniture and functional pieces.  Other elements such as stone, metal, bone and glass are incorporated to give the art diverse textural and visual aspects, add meaning, and maintain a natural feel.  You can find me on Facebook and Instagram at River Ghost Art.



Studio 7

Art to me is about seeing the world in a certain way and being able to express that love through color and texture with the subject you are painting. I’ve always get you never really truly see something unless you’ve drawn or painted it. My goal is to lose myself in a painting and find myself at the end with Art my entire heart is wrapped up in.

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Studio 8

R. Michael Wimmer has been creating, exhibiting and curating award-winning mixed media art and sculptures across the country for over 25 years.  A native of Miami, Florida, Wimmer's career began in Palm Beach with a collection of “found things” assemblages. He sold his creations at top-ranked juried art shows and galleries and his work has been awarded numerous awards.  Over time, his body of work evolved to large-scale sculptures commissioned by public, private and corporate clients.  Trained under renowned contemporary fine art sculptor Roger Halligan, Wimmer won a coveted Master Apprentice Grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission to expand his experience with large-scale sculpture. 


His work as a mixed media artist and sculptor includes numerous pieces of public art, corporate art and private commissions.  Most notable, “The Jeff Running Man” seven-figure popsicle stick design sculpture on 10th Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana.



Guest Artist

Born and raised in Louisville, KY until Malliccaaii Green was eight years old, the jump across the river to Jeffersonville, IN provided a jump in recognition of his creative potential. Green’s prodigious art abilities were first recognized when he became student of the week for a tribal mixed media mask he created as a third-grader at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Jeffersonville, IN. At River Valley Middle School, he continued to excel in both his drawing and painting. Once again gaining attention from his art instructor, he was recommended and accepted into the prestigious Louisville Children’s Free Art Classes Program at the University of Louisville. Green continued in the program through his freshman year at Jeffersonville High School.


In high school, Green entered and won numerous art contests, including 1st place in the NAACP Martin Luther King art contest for several years in a row and first place in the Krylon Art Contest two consecutive years. His crowning achievement in high school was receiving a gold medal in New York City at the Carnegie Hall for a painting entered in the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest his senior year.


Having already successfully completed AP art classes in high school, Green continued to hone his skills on the IUPUI and IUS campuses. There, he studied graphic design/visual communications. In his final year at IUS, he felt a call to community service and struck out on a new journey as a police officer in Louisville, KY. He has served and protected its citizens for five years. Throughout his time on the police force, he has volunteered at the Louisville Science Center and the Big Brother Big Sister Program as well as continued in his artistic ventures by teaching art classes for adults and children.


In 2020, he was selected as an artists for a one-year residency at the NOCO Art Center, where he will both provide art instruction and continue to prepare for his own mixed media body of artwork. 2021, Green is eager to continue engaging the youth within the community.