2015 is full of MOMENTUM with a large variety of exciting community public art projects . Be a part of the MOMENTUM by selecting a public art project to sponsor! The projects range in scope, scale and cost. If you are intersted in any of the projects below, send a quick email with your contact info and the specific project title to our Public Arts Administrator at dawnspyker@gmail.com and you will be contacted in a timley manner.


Powered By Creativity aims to highlight local artists within our area and, in doing so, brighten up the streets, add to local identity and deter the vandalization of utility boxes. Through Powered By Creativity, the Art Commission asks local artists to design and paint a utility box during a weekend "paint out" event!


For Examples from 2013  click here

Project Cost - $300 per box | 12 boxes will be painted

Event  June 

Rose Hill Medallion is a call for designs which will be permanent artistic representations of the rose recreated into a circular medallion. The design chosen will be painted on the street in the center of various intersection in the Historic Rose Hill Neighborhood. The Art Commission is looking for designs that celebrate the Rose Hill  Neighborhood which are circular in composition, a single color (white) and are an artistic interpretation of the rose above. 


Project Cost - $500 

Install July 

Unexpected aims to highlight local artists within our area and, in doing so, enliven a small area of each of the six districts within our community. The idea is to seek and find a spot that normally would be overlook but with a site specific creation, the location will be turned into a small gem of unexpected art! One artist will be chosen for all 6 installations. 


Project Cost - $1200 / $200 per project in each of the 6 districts

Install  July 

FLOOD GATE MURAL will be on a small cubed structure just an eye cast to the right off of our new walking bridge. Like a GIANT welcome mat to our community, this small concrete structure holds within its vacant aerial canvas the ability to set the "feel" for our return or our guests arrival! This artist call is for a suitable design as well as for the creation of the piece with approprite outdoor paints. 


Project Cost - $1,500

Install  June

Illuminate will place permanent, sculptural street lighting that is neighborhood specific adjacent to the new sidewalk path along the 12th Street Cooridor. The Art Commission is looking for pieces that celebrate the Claysburg Neighborhood and are as sculptural as they are functional. 


Project Cost - $55,000

Install October -November

Identity will place a permanent sculpture along Jeffersonville's riverfront. The piece will coordinate with the creation and install of the new marina. The Art Commission is looking for a piece that is historically relevant to our community and is unique in the since that it is a larger than life interpretation of an object or objects that pay homage to our cherished community and riverfront. 


Project Cost - $35,000

Install October - November 

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