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What is it?

A story trail is literally a combination of an accessible, walkable path with a pre-exisitng (OR in our case) a uniquely written story for walkers to enjoy. The story is broken up into 12 segments, for the 12 story board panels and printed on vinyl, which is then applied onto the surface of the story boards. The story boards are made from weather proof, outdoor, plastic sheets (much like yard signs). The story boards are elevated to "children's eye level" by vertical pvc pipes which have been secured into the ground which follow the perimeter of the walking path. The story boards display the author's story on the front of the board and host participatory questions on the back of each board, to encourage guests to engage with the story in various ways!  

Who's involved in it?

The Jeffersonville Public Arts Commission (JPAC) initiated the story trail out of a need to edit the public art program of 2020. The commissioners wanted something unique and authentic to the arts in our area with an eye towards an experience for families that was socially distanced and safe, free, and easily accessible to all. 

JPAC commissioner, Rosy Callahan, brought forth the idea of the story trail as one she had stumbled upon in another community. The commission felt that the NoCo Arts District was the perfect place to create an intimate story trail, tucked away within it's whimsical surroundings. 

JPAC commissioned a local writer, Ava Gleitz, to be the first contributing writer for the trail. Ava was chosen because of the flavor of her winning submission during the spring "Creative Creatures Writing Contest". Ava created a NEW story just for the 12 panels within the NoCo Story Trail area. 

This whimsical and enchanting trail needed something extra special to alert participants that they have arrived! SO, JPAC commissioned two local mosaic artists - Deborah Hartmann Brownstein and Rhonda Snyder Sedam - to create a custom 3' by 8' mosaic threshold to walk atop as guests enter the trail. 

What's the future look like?

The Public Arts Commission sees this new Story Trail area as more than a place for community and guests to enjoy. This area has the potential to provide local authors a platform to showcase their writing AND get a commission to do so. Also, a way to be published in the most unique of ways as well as a place to, "tell their story".

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