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Meet Jeffrey!

In 2021, Jeffersonville got a new resident! Jeffrey, a small fish working his way from the Ohio River through Downtown Jeffersonville. The Jeffrey sculptures take you on a 1-mile Sculptural Scavenger Hunt down Spring Street and into the NoCo Arts and Cultural District.

Each sculpture is accompanied by a poem written by Ava Gleitz which can be read below and on the plaques that accompany the Jeffrey sculptures. Amanda Hoback is the sculpture and creator of the Jeffrey character.

BUT JEFFREY NEEDS A STORY! What can I write about? 

Does Jeffrey need a friend? 

What activity should Jeffrey do next? 

Why did Jeffrey leave the Ohio River? 

What was Jeffrey like when he was a baby fish? 

Let your imagination run wild! Look at the Jeffrey sculptures and write us a story about Jeffrey!

Click On A Picture to Read the Associated Poem!

Want to find Jeffrey in Jeffersonville? Check out the Map for the Scavenger Hunt Clues! 
*Please be aware Steamboat Jeffrey and Rockstart Jeffrey have been removed temporarily for repairs*

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