Calls For Artist

Request for Proposal for Court Avenue Islands Banner Design

CityPride, the City of Jeffersonville’s beautification arm, invites artists to submit fresh and current 2- dimensional drawings or digital renderings to be installed on outdoor fabric banners that will be placed on period lighting on the median islands of Court Avenue. The banners will be of a single design style, with five different versions: spring, summer, fall, winter, and December holidays. Designs will draw inspiration from natural or architectural elements. The chosen designs will be transferred into the final 24” X 48” outdoor banners;  however, the artist should know that “Jeffersonville” may be added to either the tops or the bottoms of the banners. CityPride and City officials are looking for designs that present a cohesive design style and a bold, colorful visual transition from Historic Downtown to the NoCo Arts and Cultural District for the Court Avenue corridor. The banners will be vertical in orientation. Banners will be primarily viewed from moving vehicles therefore designs that favor a single focal point or easily recognizable graphic renderings will be favored. The stipend for this commission will be 1,000 dollars. 

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CityPride Logo

Request for Proposal for NoCo Alleyway Name Mural 

The Jeffersonville Public Arts Commission (JPAC) in 2021 is focusing on raising the visibility, accessibility, and marketability of the NoCo Arts and Cultural District therefore  2D artists are invited to submit a proposal for a name/text mural to be placed at the future entrance to the district. This mural will serve as a connection point for visitors between the public parking area and the district. The mural will be painted on the surface of a repurposed metal corrugated shipping container that is  40 feet X 8 feet.  The mural will face the alleyway that will house the future NoCo Paint Box Garden (opens summer of 2021) and will be on the opposite side of the NoCo Wildflowers Murals. The mural should feature the “NoCo Arts and Cultural District” name prominently. Designs should be fresh, bright,  current, and align with the aesthetic of the district. It is not necessary that the NoCo logo be present. Designs can be representational or based on shape/line. The stipend for this commission will be 5,000 dollars.

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Logo Location