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Charles A. Nasby received his BFA in design and production from the University of Louisville. Charles has worked as set designer, technical director, production designer, lighting designer, and as an actor for numerous productions across the globe. Charles is also the creator of Nstages and Rymes4AReason, a sustainable theatre initiative which has manifested from years of learning, designing/building and teaching in and outside the theatre. The goal of Nstages/Rhymes4AReason is to restore, reestablish and/or create found spaces into art/culture/museums/theatrical performance spaces. Whether it’s designing or performing through his Sustainable Theatre Initiative, Charles believes that within international cultural exchange, public and political change can occur. By engaing the community and enlisting participation of volunteers, positive change becomes contagious.



We are an alliance of local artists, fine arts educators and art supporters that have a vested interest in sharing our enthusiasm for the arts. We are able to provide specific skill sets to assist in facilitating public arts programing and the creation of public art. With the support of community sponsors, we host seasonal JAM Sessions and invite the community to create public art works.


Our Mission is to promote, encourage and instill appreciation, creation and collaboration of the arts in the city of Jeffersonville, Indiana... and have fun doing it!

Tammy Burke is a Jeffersonville native, artist and musician. She holds a BFA in Painting from The Herron School of Art and MA in Media Communications from Webster University. She has exhibited in midwest group shows, has worked with the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft as an artist at Jefferson County Public Schools’ Lincoln Elementary, and her work is in the 21c contemporary art collection. Burke plays fiddle and mandolin, playing old time and traditional music. She has performed at festivals and private events with her main partner, multi-instrumentalist Jeff Guernsey. She is an historical reenactor at Locust Grove historic Home in Louisville, KY, which involves research, documentation, performance, improvisation, and advanced sewing skills. She devotes her time to cultural exploration and production.




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Kathryn L. Spivey received her BS in Theatre Arts from the University of Louisville and Associates in Fine Arts from Hinds Community College. Her independent projects include the creation of two puppet movies that have been shown at Actor's Theatre, 21C museum, and on KET.  Kathryn has created Ariel and Caliban puppets for Kentucky Shakespeare Festival's Two Person Tempest as well as Queen Elizabeth and William Shakespear himself!  She has recently designed and built puppets for Acting Against Cancer's production of The Addams Family Musical.  In 2010, Kathryn served on the board of directors for Squallis Puppeteers in Louisville, KY and organized a fundraiser which included live puppet entertainment, catering and a silent art auction.  After each of the shows performed with Squallis, she was involved in leading many puppet-making workshops with children.







Squallis Puppeteers is a collective of local artists and performers dedicated to the handmade and the homespun. We have been performing for and teaching children and adults in Louisville, Kentucky since 1997. In 2003, Squallis Puppeteers Inc. became a nonprofit organization. Squallis Puppeteers help kids and adults imagine what is possible, create new worlds, and uncover the stories we all have to tell.

Our Puppets are handmade using everyday materials, demonstrating that art and innovation are always within reach. Squallis is recognized as a positive par of the Louisville community telling stories that challenge us to think while reflecting values of citizenship, empathy and collaboration. If you see something strange, inexplicable and ten feet tall, you are probably watching a Squallis Puppeteer.

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